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Date:          Fri, 15 Dec 1995 12:53:20 GMT-700
Subject:       What to discuss?

May i propose the possibility of a reading group.  Although, i am, 
along with many others on the list, very much interested in 
discussing the Critical Realist Dialectic, others may want to begin 
else where.

In both the ad and intro which you all received it was mentioned, the 
possibility of a reading group, if there are people that would like 
to participate, please let me know.

My problem is that personally i would not want the reading group to 
dominant the discussion, nor bombard the list members with mail.  On 
the other hand there are many benefits of orginizing a reading group. 
First, David Spurrett (who is not yet subscrib*d) has suggested that 
such a group could compile a glossary of terms (hopefully more useful 
than those Bhaskar offers himself).  Moreover, because of Bhaskar's 
difficult prose, there must be people looking for reading partners.

My suggestion would be to begin with *A Realist Theory of Science* and 
*The Possibility of Naturalism*.  Also Collier's  *Critical Realism: 
An Introduction to Roy Bhaskar's Philosophy* (1994), W. Outhwaite's 
*New Philosophies of Social Science* (1987), and P. Manicas's *A 
History and Philosophy of Social Sciences* (1987) are all very 
accessible critical realist publications a reading group could 
work through and discuss (more recently H. Wainwright offers a 
useful, but brief introductory chapter (4) in her *Arguments for the 
New Left* (1995), placing Critical Realism in historical context). 

Do people have some comments or concerns on such a proposal, it is 
possible to do this separately from the bhaskar-list itself, and then 
archive the discussion with the open discussion so that it is 
available to everyone.

hans despain
University of Utah



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