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Date: Tue, 27 Feb 1996 09:05:07 +0200 SAST
Subject: Re: Matters bibliographic


>How does Roy Bhaskar pronounce "Bhaskar"?   (bus car' ?)

That sounds about right - although I've heard some give the middle 
sound more of a "sh" than an "s" quality.

>Have the third editions of PON and RTS been published? Are they in print?

No, no.

>Is "Hegel, Kant, Hume, Marx" in print?

No, and in light of the quality of "Plato etc." I suspect that it 
will be (a) some time coming, or (b) half-baked, when it does arrive.

>How about Andrew Collier's
>"Critical Realism: An Introduction to the Philosophy of Roy Bhaskar"? What
>other books are especially worthy of attention?

Collier is in print (I think) and worth looking at, although I think 
that he falls short of what is needed by simply quoting Bhaskar at 
length where the arguments are very dense (or perhaps even bad) 
instead of working through things in detail.

I believe that there is a book by Peter Manicas with some coverage of 
Bhaskar, and also some material by William Outhwaite.

>Are there significant changes in the different editions of PON and RTS?

As far as I can tell very few - some minor adjustments here and 
there, and in both cases the addition of a postscript which responds 
to the reviews of the first editions. I taught a course using the 
second while some students had the first editions of RTS, and found 
no real difficulties.

>Will the 3rd editions seek to incorporate the dialectical criticial
>realism of "Dialectic"?

I doubt it very much - for a host of reasons. It is more likely that 
there will be various modifications here and there, and then some 
kind of dialectical postscript hanging off the end. It is a pity 
that third editions of his best written books are being contemplated 
while the more urgent task of translating SRHE and D into english is 

>I hope I haven't offended anyone with my ignorance.

Not at all. I hope the answers above are useful.

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