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Subject: BHA: references

Hi Louis

thanks for the kind comment,

i have decided to forward a CC to the list, so below is a brief and
incomplete list of a few texts on (new) dialectics, which Louis requested.
 Surely Andrew will be able to add to this list, but these are the books on
my shelves.

as Andrew said Fred Mosley edited a book, maybe it is titled "Marx's Method"
this is a very good place to begin.  The book in mind was published in 1993,
more resent is another book edited by Fred Mosley (1996), with a lot of the
same authors.  i have a copy of both books, but recently i have moved to
Hartford Conn., and i am still waiting for my bookshelves, so my books are in
boxes and i was unable to quickly locate the titles.

>From there i would recommend:

     Reuten and Williams: *Value-Form and the State (1989).
     Williams, Michael ed.: *Value, Social Form and the State* (1988)
Especially the first text, Reuten's section of the book is a great
introduction to what the new dialecticians are up to, well at least Reuten
and Smith.

     Smith, Tony: *The Logic of Marx's Capital: Replies to Hegelian
Criticism* (1990).
     Smith, Tony:  *Dialectical Social Theory* (1993).

the second of which is a better introduction to new dialectics, and has some
very important critiques in the second section of the book, my personal
favorite is Smith's critique of Colletti.

Murray has a few articles based on new dialectics, but his main text is:

     Murray, Patrick:  *Marx's Theory of Scientific Knowledge* (1988).

Postone's text is something i have recently, and currently spent some time
on.  It is a very important text, but it is a bit repetitious:

     Postone,Moishe: *Time, Labor, and Social Domination: A reinterpretation
     Marx's critical theory (1993).

Arthur also has a number of articles, the main text is:

     Arthur, C. J.: *The Dialectics of Labor: Marx and His Relation to Hegel*

Also should be mentioned:

     Uchida, Hiroshi: *Marx's Grundrisse and Hegel's Logic* (1988).

And another text, but not necessarily new dialectics is:

     Ollman, Bertell *Dialectical Investigations* (1993).  

The most important realist text along these lines, that i know of are:

     Sayer, D. The Violence of Abstraction: The analytic Foundations of
     Materialism (1987).

     Sayer, A. *Method in Social Science: A Realist Approach* (1992).

     Sayer A. *Radical Political Economy: a critique* (1995).

there is also a text, with a debate between Richard Norman and Sean Sayers.
 Ralph reviewed these debates 18 months ago on one of the marxist lists.
 Again this text is not necessarily new dialectics, but a good introduction
to the debate between Hegelians and Marxians.

Also in the Hegelian camp, are a number of articles and texts, mainly by
Klaus Hartmann and Terry Pinkard, based on the so-called "non-metaphysical"
interpretation of Hegel.  Much of Smith work is based on this material.  But
much of Hartmann's work is not translated.  But if there is interest, i can
dig this material up.

Now just a couple of comments, there is a major difference in theme depending
on whether the thrust of the particular author's argument is based on Hegel's
*Phenomenology* (e.g. Bhaskar); or his *Logic* (e.g. Hartmann or Smith);
and/or Marx's *Grundrisse* (e.g. Uchida or Postone) or his *Capital* (Reuten
or Smith).

Moreover, it is not at all the case that the new dialecticians agree on how
to interpret Hegel and/or Marx.  There are major differences amongst
themselves, depending on the emphases.  

In any event these are very exciting publications, and will have a great
impact on not only understanding Marx and Marxism, but how to do social
science, political practice, and the well being of human beings.

thats all for now, i hope others find any of this useful.

hans d.

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