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Date: Fri, 15 Aug 1997 03:46:21 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Re: BHA: Science, theology and witchcraft

In a message dated 15/08/97 06:43:06 GMT, Ruth writes:

<< Michael, I just wanted to say "Hear, hear!" again on the point about
Adorno.  I 
 know the very passage you mean from *Dialectic* -- and thought the same 
 thing when I read it!  For what it's worth I *am* just setting out on my 
 PhD dissertation, and have actually thought some of looking at Bhaskar 
 in the context of *Negative Dialectics*.  At the very least a paper...  
Sounds really interesting to me Ruth. It is noteworthy that A is the
dialectician that RB says he rates highest amongst his "antecedents". To me,
a comparison of how, that is on the basis of what ethical system, Adorno and
RB treat their readers might be an interesting subsection, as might the
degree of reflexivity expressed in their respective literary styles.


Ruth's thoughtful response falls into the non-theological category since it
views RB's texts as about something which can, in various ways, be questioned
in empirical terms. The defensive and perhaps (hopefully for my argument)
dismissive sarcasm of the other response exhibits (in a ironic
self-contradiction) one of the very things I was myself questioning, teasing
about and mildly objecting to. So it goes.


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