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Date:          Wed, 4 Feb 1998 11:03:32 GMT +0200
Subject: BHA: Call for Papers


The following should be of interest to many interested in (D)CR:


a special issue (the final number of 1998) on the Philosophy of 
Science. The aim is to publish a collection of `state of the art' 
survey articles, in the following areas:

1. General metaphysics and epistemology of science
2. Probability and causation
3. Philosophy of physics
4. Philosophy of biology
5. Philosophy of psychology / cognitive science
6. Philosophy of economics
7. Philosophy of social science
8. History of the philosophy of science
9. Science, race and gender
10. Computation, Information and Complexity Theory

Surveys of other major sub-branches of the Philosophy of Science will 
also be considered, subject to the quality of submissions received in 
the areas listed above. Authors are encouraged to advance original 
arguments of their own, so long as they are contextualized within the 
broader sub-field so that their relevance to non-specialists is evident.

Submissions should be received by May 10, 1998. Articles should be 
approximately 25 double-spaced A4 pages. Submissions will be sent to 
external referees, and evaluated for accuracy, breadth, rigor and 
style. The best article in each area will be selected for publication 
by the Guest Editor in consultation with the Assistant Editors, after 
receipt of referees' reports.

Four copies of submissions should be sent to:

Don Ross
Guest Editor, SAJP Special Issue 1998
Philosophy Department
Leslie Social Science Building
University of Cape Town
Private bag,
Cape Town,

International authors are reminded to send submissions by air-mail, 
as sea-post is extremely slow.


The S.Afr.J.Philos is the official journal of the South African
Association for Philosophy. As of 1998, several changes are being
made to the journal. It will henceforth appear in standard journal
format, and its principal language will be English; however,
authors have the option of including abstracts in any other official
language of the Republic of South Africa. (Note, however, that
these must be in addition to, and cannot supplant, the abstract
in English.)

Otherwise, for the purposes of the Special Issue, the journal's 
standard instructions to authors apply. These are as follows:

Four type-written error-free typewritten copies of the manuscript 
should be submitted. Use A4 format and use one side of the paper 
only. Use double spacing with generous margins. Indent all 
paragraphs, and avoid breaking words at the end of a line, except 
where a hyphen occurs.

Each article must be accompanied by an abstract in English, to a 
maximum of 200 words. The abstract should give the content of the 
article concisely and should be both suitable for separate 
publication and adequate for indexing.

The title must be short but sufficiently informative for use in title 
lists or in coding for information storage and retrieval.

The first page should contain the title of the article, the author's 
(authors') name(s) and address(es), the name and address of the 
author to whom correspondence should be addressed, and the abstract. 
Start the article itself on a new page.

Two kinds of references are distinguished: notes and bibliographical 
references. The first should appear at the end of the text with 
references in Arabic numbers. Bibliographies should contain only 
titles referred to in the text and the notes. For bibliographical 
references, which are also listed at the end of the text, the Harvard 
method should be used.
Fifty re-prints of articles free to the author(s). Additional re-
prints may be ordered after publication directly from the printers, 
on the order form which will be provided.

Page fees are charged for published articles. In the case of authors 
from outside South Africa, these may be waived at the discretion of 
the Guest Editor.

Posted by David Spurrett
(To whom enquires may be addressed...)

Department of Philosophy,
University of Natal, Durban, 4041, South Africa.
Tel: +27 (0)31 260 3248. Fax: +27 (0)31 260 3031.
List Owner: TANK-L.
"People who feel no need for transparency in their
arguments are lost for philosophy."
- Wittgenstein.

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