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Date: Wed, 11 Feb 1998 23:02:44 -0800 (PST)
Subject: Re: BHA: cause and meaning

Colin writes

 > Chapter 3 of PON is a brilliant exposition of the whole notion of reasons as
 > causes. In this RB takes just about every argument against the 'resons as
 > causes' position and deals with them sensitively, and brilliantly. This to
 > me is some of RB's best work. Methodologically tight and very rigorous;
 > there is none of the off-hand dissmisals of arguments here, that appear in
 > later works. RB goes into great depth and treats his opponents seriously.
 > This is a good chapter folks - required reading in fact, only bettered by
 > the sections critiquing hermeneutic foundationalism later in the same book.
Colin, I share your admiration for the agency chapter.  I have learned 
enormously from it.  But does it differentiate among kinds of causes?  
Not that it must.  But if we wanted to establish what was the mover or 
maker, the thing which works the transformation from intention to action, 
is that established there?  What RB establishes as I recall is that 
reasons are real on causal criteria -- they cause the world to be 
different from what it would otherwise be.  But this is true of the 
stones a builder builds with and the goal in the builder's head.  Is 
it established that reason is the worker of change?  You may be right.  
I'll look at the chapter again.

Congratulations Dr.!  Great to see attached to your name!!


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Howard Engelskirchen

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