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The URL of the CCR Web site is

The email address is


The WSCR Bibliography is coming along nicely. We've got over eighty
citations, a number of which are annotated. The URL of the Bibliography is

Included in the Bibliography are citations for _A Realist Theory of Science_
and Gary MacLennan's recent three-part message to the Bhaskar list, Towards
an Ontological Aesthetics. The records for these two citations include links
to pages that thread together various messages from the Bhaskar list
(available via the Bhaskar list archive, which can be accessed in its
entirety at


). Using the new pages, you can read most of _A Realist Theory of Science_
on the Web as well as follow the discussion that led up to Gary's
intervention and the discussion that has followed, all without having to
slog through the various other threads that were unravelling at the same

If you would like to access these pages directly, the URLs are as follows:

A Realist Theory of Science

Towards an Ontological Aesthetics

All you need is a browser that can handle frames!

(Please note that none of the messages from the Bhaskar list have been
copied. They all remain on the Spoons server. They are just framed by pages
I have produced. Suggestions of other threads that ought to be packaged in
this way should be sent to

Other pages that might be of interest:

The WSCR Glossary (by Louis Irwin)

The Critical Realism File Distribution Page

The CCR Events Board (feel free to contribute!)

The CCR Publications list (ditto!)

Finally, if you haven't already, you are welcome to visit The Web Site for
Critical Realism (WSCR) at

EVERYTHING above is accessible via this site.

Contributions of papers or bibliographic citations are always welcome. Also,
the WSCR Collective is always looking for dynamic volunteers who can give of
their time to help develop the WSCR site. The more the merrier!


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