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Subject: BHA: Re: Responding to Tobin
Date: Wed, 25 Mar 1998 09:11:29 +0200

Hi Gary--

Your reply makes sense to me.  One tiny clarification:

>Now you ask about the 'valence of objectivity'.  I would have thought it is
>one of the great problems that CR has solved.  I think Plantinga brought it
>up because he recognizes it as a problem and thinks I cannot solve it.

I meant the valence of objectivity in Plantinga's argument, not its valence
in general.  Is it consistently an epistemological term there, or does it
sometimes function as a value judgment?

Cheers, T.

Tobin Nellhaus *or*
"Faith requires us to be materialists without flinching": C.S. Peirce

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