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Date: Mon, 02 Mar 98 23:12:18 EST
Subject: BHA: Being a Better Educator

Dear educator:

Today, more than ever, we need innovative new solutions to 
educational problems. 

        "Kevin Kirchman's book Aspirations is an answer 
        to education questions such as 'How do we teach 
        students to think for themselves, fulfill their 
        potential, be creative, gain self esteem, and be 
        ready for this productive world?'

        "His book is a must for all educators from pre-school
        through graduate school. I wish his book had been
        available during my 42 year teaching career."
                 Norma Silver
                 Retired teacher, Fort Lee, NJ

         Aspirations: The Rational Foundations of Achievement. 

The reason it is possible to have an entirely new perspective on
educational issues is because the theory behind education, called
epistemology, or the theory of knowledge, has _not_ been an empirical

Epistemology is to education what physics is to engineering--
but until the basis was discovered for _principles_ of understanding,
there could be no science, and no applications that would radically
transform educational practices. 

That is until now.

        "If knowledge of the humanities is subjective, that is,  only
        valid  for the person who holds it, of what value is

        "Knowledge is not subjective. There are some conceptual 
        models that are better--more accurate and enlightening--
        than others."

Aspirations will show you why, and teach you precisely how to tell the

        "[Aspirations] lays out the foundations of clear,  critical
        thinking, that can help us to better understand ourselves,
        others, and the world around us. In the final analysis, we are
        all decision makers. Don't make many more important decisions
        before you read and grasp Aspirations."
                Frank L. David
                        Co-Principal, Business Learning Centers
                        Murrieta, CA

Perhaps the last earthly frontier, the mind, has been finally
penetrated by this wonderful new book. Aspirations won't give
you old ideas about the mind that you've seen before. It's 
radically new.

Aspirations shows how, because of an old philosophical problem, 
educators are unwittingly discouraging idea forming habits that 
occur through the mental process of induction, or generalization. The
book shows how these inductive concepts are the basis of all abilities
and character. 

Deterring concept formation has the effects of hindering 
individuality, stifling general competency and causing people to be
more dependent upon the ideas formed by others (being less able to
form them themselves). The book presents a new solution to this
dilemma which describes the mental events that occur during concept
formation that can be practiced and made habit.

Aspirations makes it clear that if you are less able to form 
concepts of your own, you necessarily have to borrow those formed by
others. This discourages individuality, creativity, and self-reliance.
It is also the basis for a host of psychological problems, from
prejudice and intolerance to low self-esteem. 

Set within the context of human intellectual history, Aspirations stands out as a unique and controversial contribution to our understanding of ourselves. 

        Fascinating reading. A journey deep into the corners of the
        mind and down the paths of civilizationís  philosophical

The author of Aspirations, Kevin Kirchman, a Cornell University
educated Artificial Intelligence scientist, lecturer and businessman,
has actually utilized his new understanding of innovation to develop
original perspectives on

        * deduction, or what reasoning is
        * induction, the basis of all innovation and creativity
        * character formation

and these new ideas genuinely will aid you not only in teaching
better mental habits, but in improving your own. 

        "[Aspirations] is a self-motivational book for  intelligent
                Stan Irwin
                        The Producer of the Tonight Show
                        with Johnny Carson for 15 years

Rarely in human history is a book produced which has as important
implications. Rarely is a book offered which gives us such hope and

Aspirations will soon be promoted nationally by Rogers & Cowan,
Americaís largest public relations firm. Be the first to learn and
apply these revolutionary new insights. The book has been purchased
by hundreds of major Universities around the world, as well as teachers
from all grades. 

                 Table of Contents:
        1    Introduction
        2    The Problem -- Why Educational Philosophy is
                 Psychologically Debilitating
        3    Concepts -- The Key to Understanding the Mind
        4    Descriptive Concepts -- The Foundation of Clear
        5    Creating Ideas -- Concept Formation is Induction
        6    Character -- The Conceptual Origins of Personal
        7   Motivation -- A Theoretical Defense of the
                 Principles of Achievement
        8   Reasoning -- A New and Practical Overview
        9   Goal Setting and Decision Making -- Giving
                 Yourself a Purpose
       10   Deduction -- The Connection Between Logic and
                 Common Sense
       11   Reasoning Well -- Applying the New Science of Logic
       12   The Principles of Induction -- New Solutions
                 to a Classical Challenge
       13   Conceptual Modeling -- Coming Up with the Best
       14   Teaching Induction -- Overcoming the Fear of
       15   Philosophical Clarifications -- Understanding
                 the Breakthrough and Replacing Outdated
       16   The New Science of Logic -- Clearing the Way for a
                 Revolution in Rationality
       17   Historical Background and Philosophical Comparison --
                 Putting the Conceptual Model Theory Into

If, after receiving "Aspirations", you are not completely
satisfied, return it for a prompt and full refund.

Only $16.95 plus $3.50 postage and handling
For orders of 2 or more, p&h is free. 

ORDER Aspirations NOW by calling USA 

                 International	1 310 289-2394,
                 or faxing to 	1 310 854-1840
any time with your credit card details.

Or, Mail Check, Money Order, or Credit Card details to:
        Breakthrough Publishing, Inc.
        291 S. La Cienega Blvd., Suite 107
        Beverly Hills, CA 90211

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