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 Subject: Critical Realism Conference Program
 Dear Colleagues,
 > Please find enclosed a conference program for the 2nd Annual 
 > Center for Critical Realism Conference: After Postmodernism: 
 > Critical Realism? The Conference will be held at the University of 
 > Essex September 1-3, 1998. As you will see the program contains an 
 > impressive selection of speakers, across disciplines and national 
 > boundaries. For further information regarding conference 
 > (registration and further particulars) visit our web site: 
 > <>.
 > Also feel free to contact the conference organisers at 
 > < The conference organisers would be grateful 
 > if you could forward this message to anyone you think might find 
 > it of interest.
 >  Sincerely Yours
 >    Jose Lopez & Dr. Garry Potter
 >    Conference Organisers
 >    Sociology Dept.
 >    University of Essex
                                Conference Program
                             Tuesday 1st of September
                        (Registration from 1:00pm onwards)
                           4:30-5:30 First Plenary
                             Ted Benton (Essex)
                              5:30-5:45 Coffee
 5:45-7:15 Seminars 
 Critical Realism: So What? (1A):Methodology 
Doug Porpora (Drexel) "Do Realists Run Regressions?"
 Critical Realism: So What? (1B):Science and Technology
Sue Clegg (Leeds Metropolitan)"When Discourse is Real: A Case     
      Study of Women in Computing?"
Christopher Norris(Cardiff) "Realism vs. Anti-Realism in Quantum 
 Critical Realism: So What? (1C): Politics and Philosophy
Caroline New (Bath) "The Personal and the Political"               
Norman Geras (Manchester) TBA
                           8:00 pm Dinner
                        Wednesday 2nd of September
                         7:30 -9:00 am Breakfast
 9:30:11:00 am Seminars
 Social Structure
John Scott (Essex) "Where is Social Structure"
Jose Lopez (Essex) " On Structures and Metaphors of Social Complexity"
Bob Carter (Worcester) "Keeping of appearances, Realism and Critique of Race
    Concepts "
Robert Young (Alabama ) "Critical Cultural Studies: Materialism and Race"
  Critical Realism and Marxism
Fethi Acikel (Essex) "Economism vs. `Culturalism’: Beyond Two Forms of
John Robersts (Cardiff ) "Marxism and Critical Realism: The Same, Similar or
    Plain Different"
Alison Assiter (Luton) "Feminist Epistemology and Value"
Dennis Erasga (Manila ) "Whose knowledge?  Whose Theory? Feminism and the
   Power of discourse "
Claire Mayer (Essex) "Posing Ethical Questions of a Levinasian Kind to
Kathryn Dean (SOAS) "The Decentred Subject: A Critical Realist Account"
                                 11:00-11:30 Coffee
 11:30-1:00 Seminars
 Philosophy (2)
Tom Sorell (Essex) "Thomas Nagel and Realism"
Andrew Collier (Southhampton) "Real and Nominal Absences"
Christopher Lloyd (UNE Australia) "Beyond Critical Realism and Postmodernism -
     Towards a Holocene-Darwinian Approach to World History"
Alex Callinicos TBA
 Ideology and Knowledge (1)
Garry Potter (Essex) TBA
John Varty (Sussex ) "Ideology Social Science and Explanatory Critique"
  Psychology (1)
Peter Dickens (Sussex) "Social Darwinism: Towards a Realist Reconstruction"
Philip Hodgkiss ( Manchester) "Creating a Space for the Construction of
    Consciousness in Critical Realism"
                            1:00 - 2:00 pm Lunch
                            2:30 -4:30 2nd Plenary
                         Critical Realism; So What? (1)
                           Philosophy and Research
                      Rachel Sharp(Australia), Rob Stones (Essex),
                    Margaret Archer (Warwick), & Tony Woodiwiss (Essex) 
                               4:30:5:00 Coffee
 5:00 - 6:30 Seminars
 Research Everyday Life
David Ford (Essex) "Smoking; A Fatal Social Phenomenon: A Critique of the Last
      Smoker Thesis"
 J.  Christi (Amsterdam ) "Work Stress and Well Being: A Realist Alternative "
Michal Tierney (Lampeter) " Critical Realism, Materiality and Archaelogy"
Tim Forsyth (Royal Institute of International Affairs ) "Critical Political
     Seeking External Reality in Environmental Change and Meaning" 
 Hilary Wainright (Red Pepper) TBA
 Critique of Postmodernism
Colin Wight (Aberystwyth) " Warfare in the Academy: Academic 
     Gangs and the Glitter Question"
Johannes Angermuller (IFS Germany) "Deconstruction and Bourdieu)"
                                  7:30 pm Dinner
                             Thursday the 3rd of September
                                7:30- 9:00 am Breakfast
 9:30-11:00 am Seminars
 A Discussion of Roy Bhaskar’s Dialectics  
Alan Norrie (King’s College, London ) 
Gary MacClellan (QUT, Australia)
 Math & Wittgenstein 
Colin Philips & Ray Turner (Essex) "Wittengenstein and Mathematical Idealism"
  Ideology and Knowledge (2)
Jenneth Parker (Sussex) "Social Movements and Science: Postmodern Views and
    Critical Realist Solutions"
James Hertfield (Living Marxism) "Towards a Truly Social Theory of Knowledge"
Justin Cruickshank (Warwick ) "After Nihilism: Postmodern Pragmatic Politics"
Stuart McAnulla (Birmingham) "Critical realism and Politics"
 Aesthetics (1)
Lucille Beaudry(UQM Montreal) "Considerations on the Critical Content of  
    Contemporary Art
Pierre Besse (Toulouse) "Bourdieu and Flaubert’s L’education Sentimentale"
                                   11:00-11:30 Coffee
                                 11:30 am - 1:30 pm Seminars
 Psychology (2)
David Jarry ( Staffordshire) "Giddens, Runciman, ‘Evolutionary Psychology- a
     for Critical or Utopian Realism?"
Ian Craib (Essex) "Critical Reason, Critical Fantasy"
Jamie Morgan (Aberystwyth) "Chinese Economics: A Critical Real;ist Appraisal "
Peter Kesting (Leipzig School of Management) "An Inquiry into the Validity of 
     Economic Theory"
Steve Fleetwood (De Montfort) "The Ontology of Labour Markets: Segmented 
     Labour Markets and Critical Realism "
Chris Butler (QUT)"Law, Rhetoric and Reason"
Bill Bowring (Essex) "Minority Rights, Dialectic, and the Struggle for
Sheldon Leader (Essex) "Realism and Rights"
 Aesthetics (2)
Roger Cook (Reading) "Postmodernism, Utopianism, Critical reason 
      and the Work of Lari Pittman" 
Philip Tew (Westminster) "Bhaskar, Blanchot and Merleau-Ponty: 
      Co-ordinates for Reconsidering  Literary Interpretation"
                            1:30-2:30 Lunch
                         Critical Realism: So What? (3)
                              After Postmodernism
             Social Constructionism V. Constructive Socialism
                                  Roy Bhaskar & Rom Harre
 Jose Lopez & Dr. Garry Potter
 Conference Organisers

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