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Date: Thu, 30 Jul 1998 14:11:20 +0200
Subject: BHA: Emergence and psychology

About the singularity and emergence:

There has been some interesting and somehow disguised problems 
about the singularity (personality) in the recent discussion of 

Taking one point here: Tobin Nellhaus says that subjectivity can 
have its emergence  both as social and or psychological entity 
depending on the viewpoint or context. It seems to me that this 
approach is got its dialectical and or logical argument from the 
first two degrees/ schemata of the Bhaskarian dialectics.

How to go on with this identity topic when making use of Bhaskarian 
totality in a open and underdetermined  and tensed social world? And 
before all, in order to  get an metacritical dialectical realistic 
'idea' about the scheme of  personality who can have an access to the 
metacritical agentive thinking (with strong subjective teleology and 
broad global processual thinking embedded in reflection). I think 
that the dialectics of that fourth degeee has got its emergence 
primarily from current constructive psychology, not from previous 
philosophical epistemologies or ontologies at all, say of 
irrealistic or previous dialectic philosophies. 

My metacritical  logical comment about Bhaskar's book is that in 
there are not all those dialectical roots presented because the 
singularity is not understood by using current psychological 
concepts. I think that that reflexive philosophy is not possible 
without close and more manifest connections to reflexive pschology. 
The Freudian psychology is not suitable for those purposes, for 

Waiting comments of various kinds,

Martti Puttonen

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