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Date: Fri, 3 Jul 1998 13:27:19 EDT
Subject: Re: BHA: Re: Help/ geo-politics/Schmitt


I'n not sure if this is relevant but the debate over Carl Schmitt's conception
of Grossraum / power-bloc took place partly - but most dramatically in his
interrogation during Nuremberg war crimes preoceeding with his politicised-
space conception of extra-national soverereignty (based partly upon the monroe
doctrine but having ominous affinities with his fellow Nazis lebenraum /
living space conception, which Franz Neumann and others attacked as a
supposedly objective yet actually ideological front for Nazi expansionism.

Schmitt's defence to the Neumann-like accusations from Kempner is contained in
Telos 1987 and introduced by Bendersky.

Neumann represents a different but not entirely seperable tradition of
dialectical social thought from Bhaskar's model.

Michael Salter

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 Just wondered if anyone can suggest a book on Political Geography which
 might reasonably be considered to be a fundamental and key piece of work in
 that area.
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