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Date: Tue, 6 Oct 1998 23:33:35 -0800PST
Subject: Re: BHA: truth again

Thanks Tobin for the precision and clarification. 

As Lenin (who undoubtedly was not one of Heikki's leninists -- recall what Marx 
said about being a marxist) asked about Berkeley:  are the connections we find 
in physics in things or just in our heads?  Postmodernists commonly affirm the 
existence of a world out there.  Critical realism goes further and asserts that 
there are connections, natural necessities, among things.  This goes 
somewhat further than saying the world is mind independent.  Pasteur, for 
example, found that some molecules were left and others right handed.  
Because things connect just so, and not another way, we can be right or wrong 
about them, though we can never more than fallibly know, which is a different 
thing, whether we are.  Tobin says "my foot hurts," but he never looks down to 
find two left feet.  Michael Jordan takes a three point shot, and the ball falls 
through the net.  We not only know things, we act amongst them.  If we were 
not accurately connecting with the world in the world's terms, not ours, a fair 
percentage of the time, we would not be around to argue about truth.  


Howard Engelskirchen

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