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Date: Fri, 09 Oct 1998 11:43:45 -0400
Subject: RE: BHA: I'm right (cos i create my own truths) and if you 


As I said, I too think we have reached an impasse. I continue to find that
you are misreading and misrepresenting my position, and you apparently feel
that I am doing the same. I do not intend to pursue this any further, but I
wanted to say three things. First, I wanted to express my regret that the
real world will be preventing you from continuing to contribute to the list.

Second, my position has some important differences from Kant. For Kant
there is a world of things in themselves, but these cannot be known because
we necessarily filter our knowledge of the world through innate categories
of thought. I find his assertion that all knowledge is theory-laden
compelling, but not that there is such a thing as innate categories that
structure our thought. All thought bears the stamp of society and history.
My position is that there is not a single way that the world is, but we can
have accurate and scientific knowledge about that world nonetheless.

Third, I don't think politics has anything to do with our dispute. It is
philosophical and I do not believe that there is an automatic correlation
between philosophy and politics. I therefore think that to inquire into
"what politically underpins the denial of the way the world is" is to head
down a very dangerous path. However, let me state clearly that, like you, I
am seeking a theory of truth that is compatible with a politics of


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