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Date: Fri, 9 Oct 1998 22:18:19 +0000
Subject: BHA: Critical Realism and John R. Searle

A no dount naive inquiry from one new to these waters. Are critical
realists cognoscent of the work of the American philosopher John R. Searle?
It would seem from what I have read to-day in his 'The Construction of
Social Reality' (1995) that he would have a great deal in common with a
critical realist postion:

"Many people, including even a few whose opinions I respect, have argued
that all of reality is somehow a human creation, that there are no brute
facts, but only facts dependent on the human mind. Furthermore, several
people have arugued against our commonsense idea that there are facts in
the world that make our statements true and that statements are true
because they correspond to the facts. So after attempting to answer my
original question, How is a socially constructed reality possible? I want
also to defend the contrast on which the question rests. I want to defend
the idea that there is a reality that is totally  independent of us.
Furthermore, because my method of intvestigation is to examine the
structure of the facts that make our statements true and to which they
correspond when they are true, I will will also defend (a version of) the
correspondence theory of truth. "

Roger Cook
University of Reading

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