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Date: Wed, 14 Oct 1998 14:34:15 +1000

Colleagues, listmembers, comrades, friends etc

Ruth has asked me for an update ont he DPF Readings schedule.  

This is what I have to date. it is all fairly provisional - so please no
panic.  I have enough of that going on here at QUT.

DPF 2. Dialectic: The Logic of Absence - Arguments, Themes, Perspectives,

1. Absence - Gary (done)

2. Emergence John R. (done)

3. Contradiction I: Hegel & Marx (Alan N. due very soon Oct 26 or there

4. Contradiction II: Misunderstandings (Colin- unconfirmed)

5. On the Materialist Diffraction of the Dialectic (Gary -confirmed)

6. Dialectical arguments and the Unholy Trinity (Ruth - confirmed)

7. Dialectical Motifs: Tina Formations, Mediation, Concrete Universality
etc. (Howard E.- unconfirmed)

8. On the Generalized Theory of the Dialectical Remark, the Failure of
Detachment and the Presence of the Past. (No volunteers as yet)

9. Dialectical Critical Naturalism (No volunteers as yet)

10. Towards a Real Definition of Dialectic (Gary - confirmed)

So I need Colin and Howard to let me know if this is ok. I also need
additional volunteers for sections 8 & 9. Please email me.

For those who are new to this, the idea is to that the leader of the
discussion will post a response to their reading.  There is no single
format for this, but I have posted before outlining what I understand, what
I cannot grasp and thoughts and ideas suggested by the reading.   All
becomes at least a little clearer in the subsequent discussion.

DPF is a really difficult book and even though I am  on my fourth time
through it I think I am only now coming to understand something of the
project informing it. My aim is saying this is to put everyone at ease.
This is not a prestige hunting or even a score settling corner of the net.
Just CR scholars trying to help each other.

I would like everyone to prepare their introduction/summary/gloss on their
section ASAP so we could possibly get through this at two weeks to a section.
We will have a break over Xmas of course.  But prepared now - sooner finished!



BTW does anyone have an email address for William Outhwaite?

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