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Date: Tue, 1 Dec 1998 09:21:16 -0500 (EST)

I see, Gary.  You figure that what with your arm broke and all, you can just
sit back and taunt us with your autographed books!  Seriously, though, I
hope you are doing well. 

Just for a second, on your note:

At 01:57 PM 11/30/98 +1000, you wrote:
>Hi Ruth,
> Your point about the difference between yourself and the DPF does not
>surprise me at all.  

I'm not sure what the "difference" is here.  I really, truly, honestly have
not yet come to any firm conclusions about DPF as a whole.  Sure I make fun
of the title from time to time, and I'm critical of some of the ideas that
I've begun to try to work through, but really, it is too soon to tell about
me and this text.  I wonder why it seems as though I am decided against it 

>This is indeed a clear division on the list.  Some of us are Critical
Realists >and the majority is Critical Realist.

Can I assume that you meant "Some of us are *Dialectical* Critical Realists?"  
It's good to know that you regard it as a good thing, but again, I guess I
would suggest that the division is not so clear.  It's certainly too soon to
say which side of such a divide I'd be on, and I suspect that others who
have voiced criticisms and/or reservations of different parts of DPF might
say the same about themselves.  (Of course, it may simply be the case that
I'm deluding myself -- that I'm just unwilling to come to terms with my
clear repudiation, in objective terms, of dialectical critical realism!! :)     

Anyhow, what *of* the possibility of posting sections of DPF to the list the
way we did with RTS.  Could that be done?  Is it hard?  I think it would
make much bigger of a difference than it might seem.

And how in the world did you break your arm?!  (Don't answer, though,
because I don't want you to have to type more!)

Take care,

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