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Date: Fri, 11 Dec 1998 11:28:24 +0100
Subject: BHA: Of Philosophy & History & Politics

Hello Tobin !

We assume that potatoes do not reproduce in winter but fish indeed does
reproduce in temperate conditions. Then a good genetician argues with that
gene which disallow fish from dying off from temp below 0  potatoes can
indeed be grown in conditions below zero temperatures.

This has happened.

I can't believe in the nearest future, I will walk up in Siberia with much
concern of what I am really putting. Theoretical i will just die!

A form of induction though from the practical life cycles of fish. Nature
and social life has definitely own contradictions if at all they are
contradictions not the 3L which may be know a very little about.



  Hi Gary--

  Interesting meditations on Bukharin and Unhappy Consciousness.  But I'm a
  little puzzled, so I'd appreciate some clarification.  It seems to me that
  you end up classing any instance of theory/practice contradiction as
  (leading to) Unhappy Consciousness.  Do I have that right?  Assuming (for
  the sake of discussion) that I read you correctly, that seems awfully broad:
  Who (especially among leftists) *doesn't* live with T/P conflicts of some
  sort every day?  Isn't that sort of inevitable in a context of capitalist
  alienation?  In any case you don't seem to give sufficient weight to the
  important qualifications Bhaskar puts into his definition:

  >"Scepticism, or theory/practice inconsistency, or more generally
  >categorical error aware of itself, SEEKING REFUGE, in the case of reality,
  >IN ASCETICISM or OTHER-WORLDLINESS and, in respect of power2 relations 
  >for example INTROJECTIVE IDENTIFICATION with the master's ideology or
  >projective ABSORPTION IN A FANTASY WORLD made for slaves.

  It's not clear to me how Bukharin's protestations fit this model.  Thanks,



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