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Date: Tue, 13 Apr 1999 13:42:41 -0500
Subject: Re: BHA:International law a subset of critical morality

Having begun the thread, I have some responsibility to agree openly that it
was a mistake. I agree with Carrol's intervention without qualification. I
agree with John Game that international law is also the history of
imperialism, and given my own biography am certainly likely to
overemphasize the importance of the fact that the NATO bombing of
Yugoslavia is in violation of it. If I am to continue at all with the
thought expressed in the original post (distinguishing international law as
it is from a dialectical and critical international law in the framework of
Chapter 3 of DPF) I need to do a lot more work before bothering others.
Again, apologies.

john mage

>Tremendously relieved by Carol's intervention. I had been planning to
>de-subscribe from the list (delurk would perhaps be a better way of
>putting it). I have to admit that I am still worried about whether
>the grotesque attempt to redescribe the history of imperialism in
>moral terms and use borrowed bits and pieces of philosophical
>jargon from Bhaskar to do so might not require some sustained
>philosophical analyses. As a friend put it of a number of these
>interventions "all that philosophical debate and discussion- for
>nothing!!". Obviously such an analyses could only be carried out by
>those who agree with my, and presumably Carol's position. Which does
>in it-self raise some rather difficult issues.
>John G.
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