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Subject: BHA: RE: Theory of value
Date: Mon, 26 Apr 1999 16:06:18 -0400

Some years ago Jesse Schwartz edited a book called "The Seamy Side of
Capitalism." If I recall correctly, several of the essays in it deal with
value theory and related issues. One that I remember especially is E. K.
Hunt's Essay, "The ideal foundations of welfare economics." There also are
CR overtones to work on French Regulation Theory. I know that Bob Jessop
and, probably, Alain Lipeitz have connected Regulation Theory to CR. The
first chapter in Lipeitz's "Mirages and Miracles" attacks conceptual
realism, but elsewhere the regulationists seem quite comfortable with CR.
Since Lipeitz has done work that at least touches on value theory (he had a
good article in the RRPE explaining regulation theory with Marx's sectoral
scheme), there's another connection there. Finally, I haven't yet had the
chance to dive into Tony Lawson's stuff, but I'd think that would be a good
place to look too.

	Marsh Feldman

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> Do any of you know about a good philosophical discussion on the
> relative merits of a theory of value (and not only Marx's theory of
> value)?  I am looking in particular for a discussion that is informed
> by critical realism.
> Thanks
> Amit Ron
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