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Date: Wed, 28 Apr 1999 08:08:46 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: BHA: arm twisting

Ok guys, seriously:  who wants to do some of the upcoming sections, and when
can we get going on them?

If the truth of the matter (the alethic truth?) is that no one else besides
the few who've done it already is willing and/or able to summarize a
section, then I would propose that we should shift our thinking about what
we can reasonably accomplish.  

Maybe it would be better to simply post sections of the text, like we used
to do with RTS (can permission be got for this?), and just let people chime
in with questions and comments.  That might feel less intimidating, and
would certainly be less work.

In any case, for a number of reasons, ranging from: it's a crime to waste
this much brain power combined with interest in Bhaskar, to: when we don't
have text to talk about we start getting cranky, I really think that we
should figure out how to procede in the next little while.

What do others think? 

Sorry to be the one to nag,

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