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Date: Wed, 7 Apr 1999 13:45:55 -0500
Subject: Re: BHA:International law a subset of critical morality

Tobin Nellhaus wrote:
>I'm confused, so maybe I missed something somewhere.

May I (finally delurking) submit that in the social world as it exists now,
there can be no such thing as 'humanitarian' bombings or interventions by
the USA, the NATO, and even by the UN? Ethnic Albanians in Kosovo have been
used in the geopolitical calculus as pawns (hence the media portrayals of
Albanians in Kosovo as good victims and Chechens as evil terrorists, even
though both groups have produced armed nationalist-secessionists, who are
in turn repressed by the state from which they are seeking independence).
Today, Albanians in Kosovo are pretexts for bombings; several years from
now, they are likely to become enemies (or 'hostile natives' as in Somalia,
if, as it is likely, the NATO will put ground troops there and stay on--no
'self-determination' for Albanians in Kosovo, who will be governed
according the needs of capital, obviously). Meanwhile, both 'smart' and
dumb bombs (such as cluster bombs) have been killing many and endangering
everyone in Yugoslavia, not just 'Serb Nationalists' as the imperial media
have us believe. Isn't it a duty incumbent upon us to speak the truth and
not to extend the cover of 'humanitarianism' over the NATO attack on

*****  The Atlanta Journal and Constitution
April 22, 1996, Monday, CONSTITUTION EDITION

Clinton vows help in Chechnya peace bid
by Marcia Kunstel and Joseph Albright; STAFF CORRESPONDENTS

Moscow-- Handing Russian President Boris Yeltsin a prop for his troubled
re-election bid Sunday, President Clinton likened the savage, unpopular war
in Chechnya to the American Civil War and promised to use his influence to
help end it....  *****

*****  'We're not inflicting pain on these fuckers,' Clinton said, softly at
first. 'When people kill us, they should be killed in greater numbers.'
Then, with his face reddening, his voice rising, and his fist pounding his
thigh, he leaned into Tony [Lake, then his national security adviser], as
if it was his fault. 'I believe in killing people who try to hurt you.. And
I can't believe we're being pushed around by these two-bit pricks.'"

--Clinton ordering the bombing of civilian targets in Somalia, as quoted in
All Too Human, George Stephanopoulos
(from  *****


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