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Date: Sun, 18 Jul 1999 13:47:00 +1000
Subject: Re: BHA: Re: Diffraction Post one

At 2
>I have another question, but here I am getting ahead of
>Gary's summary of this Section, therefore I will
>send my answer to the list after Gary has sent his
>next installment:
>Q5: In what sense does Marx's critique of Hegel imply a
>critique of ontological monovalence?  Or maybe say it this
>way: RB claims that Hegel committed the error of ontological
>monovalence to a greater degree than Marx.  Give examples
>where Marx criticized Hegel for an error which in modern DCR
>language would be considered the consequence of ontological

Hi Hans,  

I am having computer problems so the second post will be delayed until
Monday.  There will I am afraid be a third post, later in the week.  

I think I can answer your question about the esoteric critique but I need
to get back home to do it.  It is open day here at Uni and I am in to give
"inspirational" talks to the young about their futures.

These study questions of yours are wonderful.  Please do not apologise at
all for them.

I will have a think about the ontological monovalence one and have a shot
at it as well. But I think we should note that Bhaskar insists that Marx's
dialectic is epistemological.  Therefore we would not expect it to touch so
much upon absence which is ontological. No?





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