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Date: Tue, 13 Jul 1999 12:25:12 +0000 (GMT)
Subject: Re: BHA: Diffraction Post one

Dear Gary,

Thanks alot for the illuminating discussion.

Probably worth pointing out that Ilyenkov, who you cite regarding the 
critique of Hegel, can hardly be allied to CR or DCR, despite the 
appearance of congruity regarding the critique of Hegel (and other 
areas). Ilyenkov draws from Marx and Engels a committment to a 
monism; to the view that there is one single Substance infinite in 
time and space (see his earlier chapters; especially on Spinoza's 
critique of Descartes). At least that's my interpretation of him.

Given this interpretation then either (1) Ilyenkov has a well 
developed critique of Hegel but cannot, somehow, grasp CR and DCR 
themes regarding the refraction of the dialectic so is ultimately a 
dogmatic 'cognitive triumphialist'; or (2) Ilyenkov has some version 
of a materialst monism up his sleave immune to Bhaskar's critique.

I plump for (2). My paper on the CR website briefly elaborates upon 
this (I'm now working on a paper exclusively concerned with CR/DCR's 
ontology and it's relation others such as Ilyenkov's). 


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