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Date: Thu, 15 Jul 1999 15:57:01 +1000
Subject: Re: BHA: Re: Diffraction Post one


As always your post was extremely thoughtful. And I will have to work at it
a bit.  I have nearly finished Post two and then I will go over the posts.
Let me say though that I did not really intend my suggestion of TINA as the
common ground to be the same things as Bhaskar's TINA formation.  It never
occurred to me actually. We were both drawing from the same source - the
Antichrist Margaret Thatcher.  But again I will have to think about it.   

As for the Bakhtin bit I am not sure.  I am absolutely correct about the
neo-Bakhtinians but Bakhtin himself was a major thinker and so not so
easily pigeon holed. I accept your basic criticism here though.

As for the working class and the capitalist, I am so worn down watching the
conservatism of the working class in action that again I think that the
dialectical counterpart applies to them.  More than anything else the
working class in this time in Australia is into the dialectics of
reconciliation.  That is when they are not being corrupted.This is
especially true of their leaders.

My older son works as a scaffolder and one morning last week the union
official turned up on site and said they were going to black some labor
hire company.  These companies are new and they are a scourge on the
working class.  Brought in by the Labor Government of course.  Workers hate
them because they lower wages and have destroyed job security.

One of the workers said to the official "Why are the labor companies all
run by union officials?'  The answer was "What else is a union official to
do?"  Indeed, as my libertarian comrades might say.

The point though is that all systems are open and so the potential for
change and novelty is always there even within the dialectical counterpart.



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