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Date: Wed, 12 Jan 2000 17:52:51 +0100
Subject: BHA: Critical Realism and the Mysteries of Science

From: "Andrew Walubo" 
Organization: UOFS
Date: Wed, 15 Dec 1999 14:23:17 GMT2


I have tried to answer your questions and I hope I did not misunderstand
you. I 
would also like you to diiferentiate between the different waves we are
with to indicate the level of at which we are in an atom (IN THE NUCLEUS).

Eletromagnetic (EM) waves are produced when protons move from one energy 
level to another. This differs from Microwaves that are produced when
move from one energy level to another, and also differs from X-rays that are 
produced when electrons hit positively charged surface at an angle.

Q 1
Last time you mentioned that ions are channels of communication in cells. 
Now, how are viruses and bacteria spread into the body in regard to 
bioelectromagnetism? This to me, in regard to the article you have sent is
important and very interesting since the chemical bonding can only happen
at a 
given charge! 

A 1
I wish I knew more about the interaction of bacteria or viruses with cells.
is little known here such that any theory including your bioelectromagentism 
could be acceptable. Whether we talk about receptors or channels on the cell 
surface to which viruses or bacteria may attach before entry into the cell,
it will 
involve some form of bonding, as such, electromagnetism is not far fetched. 

About the ions, the communication due to ionic movement is to jump-start the 
cell's defence mechanisms, in case of invasion, or receptive process, in
case of 
foods. It is possible that viruses or bacteria are fluking via here,e.g., the 
influenza virus. We know that cells have a receptor to which the Infuenza
attaches before entry. However, we cannot destroy the receptor because, 
although we still don't know the function of this receptor, we are pretty
sure it 
was not created for this virus. It is by coincident that the influenza
virus uses it 
too. The virus is fluking.

Q 2
Is it not true that chemical balance within cells depends on the balance of
chemica content of particular cells of in turn which bonding depends on the
electromagnetism within cell's chemical substance?   Given to the fact that 
ions do actually act as electric cables within cells will it not imply that
particular type of cells has got a particular electro charge which can be
and determined?
A 2
Yes, cell membranes are have a net charge, a result of the different
charges of 
its contents. But by all principles, you cannot isolate a net charge. You may 
only change the net charge by manipuating charges on any of the cellular 

You need to go a step further to the atomic level, and then further deep to
nucleus level and say, can't we change the nuclear charge by removing or 
adding protons in the nucleus? This would change the atomic content and the 
element in question and therefore the whole chemical. With this we can change 
Zinc into gold. I would then add that this is where scientists are working.
to kill a virus by changing the atomic nature of its atoms. Imagine if all
ions inside the HIV virus were changed to Chloride ions, would this virus 
survive? NO.  

Q 3
What I also like to know and may be the Uganda scientific fraternity to
attain, is whether drugs besides their particular chemical content the
electromagnetic bonding is considered as a remedy for diseases. 

A 3
Medicinal use of electronmagnetic waves is still under research. If you
recall in  my earlier communication,  I said that we one day we shall use
EM waves to  measure drug concentrations in your body instead of using
blood samples. This  alone would lead to a noble prize.  Then the use of EM
waves to cut bonds  between cells with bacteria would be another advancement.

Also, we still don't know how some drugs get not only inside the cell, but
also  how they get close to the cell. What attracts them. An elctrical
charge is one  such ways, but if EM can help at enhancing drug delivery to
tissues, this would  be another break through.

Q 4 

I remember that a small electro current could make some chemical
substance change then why not kill viruses and bacteria. 

A 4 

We would need an electric current that kills the virus and not the cells.
Such  has not yet been found.


Professor Andrew Walubo
 Chief Clinical Pharmacologist at University Hospital 
 Head of Pharmacology Department 
University of Orange Free State, Bloemfontein in South Africa



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