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Subject: RE: BHA: P.S. on relativism
Date: Wed, 16 Feb 2000 14:24:28 -0000


Sayer's book does exist....honest! But it has just (within the last month) been
The isbn is: 0-7619-6124-0
Sage publishers in the USA are found at

2455 teller Rd
Thousand Oaks
California 91320


Dept of Behaviour in Organisations
Lancaster University Management School
Lancaster LA1 4YX
Tel:  01524 594040
Fax: 01524 594060


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> Hi Nick, Carrol and Marsh,
> Thanks so much for all of your help.  I actually *OWN* that collection
> edited by Baynes et al!  I'll go pull it out right now.
> While I'm at it, I tried to follow up on Steve's suggestion that I look at a
> new book by Andrew Sayer, called (as I understood it) Realism and Social
> Theory.  Nobody here seems to list it -- not even Amazon.  Am I mixed up
> about the title?
> Thanks again for the help.  [This is as close as it gets to my fantasy of
> having one of those holodecks (sp?) that they have on Star Trek.  I always
> think it would be so cool to be able to dial up a philosopher as needed,
> like how Captain Janeway goes off to hang out with Galileo in her free time.]
> Warmly,
> Ruth
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