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Date: Wed, 16 Feb 2000 11:58:50 -0500 (EST)
Subject: RE: BHA: P.S. on relativism

Wow!  Thanks everybody.  

I've just read the Putnam article that Nick suggested -- he makes a number
of nice points, and I learned from it.  

Thanks Colin for all of those references.  I have actually read a fair
number of Norris articles, and own most if not all of the books that you
mention, but for some reason I never get as much out of his writings as I
always think that I will and should.  I'm actually quite cranky about it --
I mean, the guy writes bazillions of books, all on EXACTLY the things that I
am interested in ... and yet.  I assume that it's my fault and not his, but
still.  In any case it probably *is* an idea to go back to some of Kuhn's
follow-up articles.  Also, I'm getting the sense that some of the analytic
guys other than Putnam may be useful too -- anybody who equates truth with
right assertability, for example.  And obviously there is a whole literature
on justification -- it's ultimately that that I have to find my way around.

Invigorated [if not a little intimidated too] by all there is to know,

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