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Date: Wed, 23 Feb 2000 15:43:02 -0000
Subject: BHA: Cambridge Realist workshop- conference Update


<color><param>0100,0100,0100</param><FontFamily><param>Times New Roman</param><smaller><smaller>I write briefly about the forthcoming  (May  2000) conference to be held in Cambridge.  It is sponsored  
by the Cambridge Realist Workshop, and it is open to anyone interested in realist socioal theory and  

 If this letter reaches you by several routes I apologise.  I especially apologise to those of you receiving  
this who have indicated already that you will not be able to come.  But it is quicker to send to different  
lists and without sorting them; and more chance that each relevant person is reached.  

In case you have lost the details of the conference (or for some reason never received them) you can  
find them on the Cambridge realist workshop web site: 

I also attach the original `invitation=92 as an e-mail attachment. 


</bold>Partly this is a reminder.  We are hoping to contribute some and perhaps all the food and drinks, etc.   
And that does impose a limit; we will need to know numbers.  Remember the deadline to let us know if  
you are coming is February 29 2000.  If we have yet to hear from you and you hope to come do get in  
touch.   <bold>This especially applies to locals who may be expecting just to drop in; we need to hear  
from you now so that we can plan ahead (the system needs a bit of intentional closing)</bold> . 

 We would appreciate it too if those who have said it is only `quite likely=92 could firm up. 


</bold>May I also put a  question to you. 

As stated in the attached `invitation=92 we have planned to have 7 or 8 sessions, with only one paper given 
 in each.  However we have had a large response, and have already received offers of 30 to 40 papers.  
 We may get more.    The conference committee will meet in early March to decide to structure the  
conference.  But the views of potential participants on how we might proceed would be useful.  In  
particular, would you prefer 7 or 8 papers, one per session, or would you prefer more?  If you would  
prefer more papers, would you prefer more per session, or parallel sessions, or a mixture of the two?   
We would be interested to know the views of all on this.   

As mentioned before we hope you will be able to find yourself accommodation in Cambridge.   
However, if you absolutely need help from us, do tell us sooner rather later. In fact, could you direct  
questions about accommodation to Clive on: 

 { HYPERLINK }<FontFamily><param>ARIAL</param><FontFamily><param>Times New Roman</param> 

Well that=92s about it.  We will be in touch in early March, once we have the expected numbers, and  
decided on the conference programme.  The main message here is please let us know  (perhaps  
confirm) your intentions by the end of February. 

Many thanks  


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