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Date: Tue, 15 Feb 2000 14:06:56 +1000
Subject: BHA: My Thesis

If any brave and hardy soul would like a copy of my PhD thesis - "From the 
Actual to the Real: Left Wing Documentary Film in Australia 1946-96", send 
me a snail mail address and I will post a disk out in Word 6.0. Free of 
charge of course!! Just put 'Gary -Thesis' in the subject heading.

The thesis is in two parts. Part one consists of three chapters. Chapter 
One provides a summary of Dialectical Critical Realism and the the next two 
chapters engage leading documentary film theorists including Noel Carrol, 
Trinh T. Minh-ha, Brian Winston, and John Corner et al.  The second part of 
the thesis gives a Critical Realist account of the documentary films 
produced under the guidance of the Communist Party of Australia. The last 
chapters are devoted to the study of the films of noted left-wing 
independent documentarists such as David Bradbury, Tom Zubrycki and John 

The first part of the thesis is pretty heavy going but the second section 
is reasonably approachable IMHO. I should add that it all amounts to 
120,000 words - sorry!



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