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Subject: BHA: R.B. and subjective idealism
Date: Tue, 12 Sep 2000 20:31:33 +0100

Hi Ruth, Gary, and listers

Ruth asks shouldn't I be accusing Roy of absolute idealism rather than
subjective idealism.  I assume that by "absolute idealism" Ruth means
something akin to objective idealism, a la Hegel.

But I think that Roy, with his "I am God" (FEW), has gone beyond (backwards
from) Hegel and is at the level of Fichte and his transcendental ego.
Hegel's interest in religion was from an analytical and political economic
standpoint.  I do not say that what we are currently getting from Roy is
mumbo-jumbo, for that fails to situate it philosophically.  What I argued in
my paper to the CR conference is that Roy is operating at the level of a
Fichtean ego.  That is subjective idealism, as classically understood.


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