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Date: Fri, 22 Sep 2000 23:59:16 +0100
Subject: Re: Thoughts on ((T)D))CR and Kulchur was Re: BHA: Culture & 

Hi Gary and the list,

> We seem to be talking past each other to some extent. Not that that's a
> major problem.  As long as we are talking!

It's a pleasure ... for reasons I've mentioned before (including the tendency
to focus more on positivism than anti-positivism), I've sometimes found to hard
to get people to discuss stuff in CR.

> The CR/DCR split does have its
> effect does it not?  Of course the long term impact of a number of us
> wanting to explore the possibilities within TDCR has yet to be gauged.

I wish I could join in, but I can't as yet.  Writing up and all that ... but
the books are in the mountain of my 'must read' list.

> In my own work on documentary film, I was able to use DCR to refute both
> the naive realists and the sceptics.  The Dialectical bit was useful when I
> suggested that Alethia should be the goal for the radical documentary
> filmmaker.   But as I tried to explore in my Lancaster paper the notion of
> Alethia is itself expanding or morphing into something much closer to
> Heidegger's concept of Aletheia or truth as revelation.  I am still keen to
> continue working on this.

As I said, I'm a blank slate on DCR etc, but I get the feeling (and correct me
if I'm wrong) that the recent work of RB has ovetones of Zen in it.  Truth as
revelation, for example.  Does he also argue that truth cannot be articulated?

> Re: McGuigan one of the New Realists at my University said to me, "We hate
> him!"  Quite a recommendation actually.

Ha ha!  I had an opportunity to work for Jim, but sadly wasn't able to take it

With best wishes,


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