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Date: Sat, 23 Sep 2000 22:12:54 +0100
Subject: Re: Thoughts on ((T)D))CR and Kulchur was Re: BHA: Culture & 


please don't ignore my ignorance! But i am interested... all of these
names...'alethia'... all of these schools of thought. How did u get into
it? Is the argument everything? Why are u here writing about critical
realism (in such an accomplished way0?
pat quinn 

Gary MacLennan wrote:
> Well Karl,
> We seem to be talking past each other to some extent. Not that that's a
> major problem.  As long as we are talking!   The CR/DCR split does have its
> effect does it not?  Of course the long term impact of a number of us
> wanting to explore the possibilities within TDCR has yet to be gauged.
> I agree though with your estimation that CR focused on positivism and that
> Cultural Studies came from the sceptical, neo-Nietzschean end of the
> spectrum.  Bhaskar did respond  eventually to the growing tide of
> irrealism.  Though in one of his books he does note that he had to be
> persuaded to take it seriously.
> In my own work on documentary film, I was able to use DCR to refute both
> the naive realists and the sceptics.  The Dialectical bit was useful when I
> suggested that Alethia should be the goal for the radical documentary
> filmmaker.   But as I tried to explore in my Lancaster paper the notion of
> Alethia is itself expanding or morphing into something much closer to
> Heidegger's concept of Aletheia or truth as revelation.  I am still keen to
> continue working on this.
> To be frank the publication of FEW has in some ways come as a shock to
> me.  Not the kind of 'Bhaskar has lost it shock', but rather one due to a
> realisation that with my reading of Heidegger I was heading in a similar
> direction. I suppose a 'Gary has lost it shock!!'
>   Mervyn, bless him, recommended Adorno for anyone flirting with Heidegger
> thought and I did read Jargons of Authenticity - a wonderfully vicious
> attack on the Heidegger School.  However if one reads Adorno's Aesthetic
> Theory and tries to work out what he means by the 'truth-content' of an art
> work, then I think that one comes to realise that Adorno too had a notion
> of truth not dissimilar to Heidegger's aletheia or alethia as it is
> presented in FEW.  Well, that is the argument in my paper.
> Re: McGuigan one of the New Realists at my University said to me, "We hate
> him!"  Quite a recommendation actually.
> >Hmmm.  I'm not sure what to make of them.  Have you seen McGuigan's
> >Culture and
> >the Public Sphere where he lays into Bennett et al for being administrative
> >researchers.
> warm regards
> Gary
> >With best wishes,
> >
> >Karl
> >
> >Karl Maton
> >School of Education, University of Cambridge
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