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Subject: Re: BHA: DPF C 2.10 (lurker)
Date: Fri, 13 Oct 2000 14:00:55 EDT

>You wrote in your earlier post that causality is "the absenting of existing
>states of affairs." From what you and others have said, though, I still
>don't understand (a) what the bearers of (efficient) causality are, now 
>"things" are out, or (b) how we get from the definition above to the idea
>that "absence" itself is such a bearer.
Can a "thing" make another "thing" absent? or is this just my simplistic 
billiard-ball understanding of "things," i.e.

Billiard-ball A smacks Billiard-ball B into a different sector of the table. 
  Is B's "abscence" of any import to the game?  I would think that its 
"thing-ly" PRESENCE on a DIFFERENT part of the table is decisive for the 
rest of the game.

Does the ABSCENCE of B at point x1,y2 on the table have the efficient 
Or does its new PRESENCE at point x2,y2 have efficient causality (hitting 
another ball perhaps, or preventing another player from making a decisive 

Good lord, I think I just let positivism in by the back door.

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