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Date: Sun, 21 Jan 2001 02:07:36 +0100
Subject: Re: BHA: what's next

Hi Mervyn, you wrote:

>Our DPF reading clearly got somewhat bogged down. I think we should put
>it aside for a time - for dipping into now that we've digested a goodly
>chunk of it, rather than wading through - and focus on material that
>listers find more digestible. All the issues raised by the Bhaskarian
>canon could still be brought up. Though I think operating predominantly
>within the analytical problematic, Archer is beginning to nibble at

well, i'll agree and follow all CR etc. reading proposals, but
my favorite would be to continue with DPF in some form or
another; maybe we could change our didactical approach sofar,
thus in stead of reading chronologically we/some could choose
a particular theme, phrase or insight and do some critiqueing and
commenting on it: there is soo much praxis (hidden) in DPF imho ?


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