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Date: Sat, 27 Jan 2001 13:34:20 -0000
Subject: Re: BHA: exciting threads!


You wrote (snipping mercilessly):

> "To gain such perspectives without velleity or violence, entirely from
> felt contact with its objects - this alone is the task of thought.
> But it is also the utterly impossible thing...

> To me, this passage sums up the fundamental difference between Adorno and
> Bhaskar....

> This is at the heart of why I have always thought of Adorno as THE thinker
> that one has to be able to deal with, if one is to defend Bhaskar's
> thought from serious criticism...

> But it doesn't sound as though any of those who have posted are much
> bothered by what I see as such a profound difference between the two.  If
> this is so, and you're not much bothered, or you don't see any big divide,
> would any of you guys mind helping me to see why?

Well, I'm bothered! Bothered enough to reject the nonsense of a  
'non-isomorphism' of thought and object in favour of an 
interpretation of Spinoza. But very few other people are bothered 
(whether critical realists or not). 

Hey ho.


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