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Date: Sat, 27 Jan 2001 18:39:30 -0500
Subject: Re: BHA: what's next

Hi all,

Karl, you are not alone.

Since I have been only lurking for a long while, I did not contribute my
own two cents, but I think it is unhealthy for the list to focus
exclusively on Bhaskar. For my part, I would be very interested in a
discussion of Archer's new book.


>Hi everyone,
>I just want to briefly say that I think Mervyn makes some very good points
>the choice of direction.  I find the dismissal of any texts beyond the
>latest by
>Bhaskar a very disturbing development.  They have, at times, veered close to
>heresy spotting, giving the impression of the list as dedicated to the
>theological discussion of the divine scriptures.  Does it matter whether a
>which is of relevance to critical realism references specific books by
>Why should a text be judged worthy of focus here according to its ability to
>shed light on Bhaskar's thought?  Am I alone in thinking that this focus on
>Bhaskar alone is unnerving?  Is the list about critical realism or about
>With best wishes,
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