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Date: Sun, 28 Jan 2001 09:14:54 -0500 (EST)
Subject: BHA: sorry/what to do 

Hi Karl, all,

Sorry I was snippy.

So gang, what's the sense of the group on what to do next?  

Someone (I forget who; sorry) raised the possibility of getting two threads
going, one on Archer, one on DPF.  I remember that someone else responded
that they were worried that that might reduce the number of people
participating in each.  

But maybe it's worth testing that worry a little, with some more discussion.
I mean, I know that that wouldn't happen with me, for example, because I
really need to focus on RB now, so I probably just wouldn't be active in an
Archer thread if that was the only thing that was happening.  And, in fact,
it might even be that one or the other (but not both) might appeal to our
quieter list-members -- so it's possible that two lines of conversation
might increase the total number of active participants on the list.  On the
other hand, we'd have to be careful that it didn't turn into two sub-groups.
But we could do things to make sure that that doesn't happen, I think.

This isn't a pitch -- just thinking out loud.  It does seem like there is a
reasonably pronounced difference in preference emerging over what to read.
What do others say?      



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