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Date: Mon, 30 Apr 2001 19:26:43 +0200
Subject: Re: BHA: Terms of Jugement (call for help)

Dear All,

As far as I see it (and I may be wrong) I agree up to the point where 
epistemic relativism does not necessarily entail judgemental 
relativism. But the proplem is going from a denial of judgemental 
relativism to a theory of judgemental rationalism that doesn't 
operate under a too exclusive definition of rationality. Surely there 
must be room for value judgements as well as the criterion of more 
inclusive explanatory capacity? Especially in regard to social 
science?  How do we define rationality without excluding these 
elements but also without capitulating arbitrarily to individual 
taste and preference?

Dosen't Bhaskar argue for a kind of qualitative explanatory value in 
Reclaiming Reality?

And isn't this really the important question since it relates 
directly to the continuing practice of science?

Best Wishes,
Andrew Makinson

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