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Date: Thu, 05 Apr 2001 06:03:39 -0400
Subject: BHA: bio-chemistry, economic growth & science

Dear Listers!

The question of science and scientific practice is an interesting
phenomena if viewed in such lens. Is it science or scientific practice?
I'm trying to grasp some scientific facts, but still has to seek you previledge  opinion of the article below and its rationell if there is any.
phenomena bene fundata read on,



The poison designed to produce an African disease

A new book published in London recently tells how the famous poison 
dispatched by Washington to kill Lumumba in 1960, was in fact ?designed to 
produce one of the diseases endemic to central Africa so that Lumumba?s 
death would look like an unfortunate accident?. Even the CIA station chief 
in Kinshasa at the time was so shocked that he shouted: ?Jesus Christ, 
isn't this unusual?? Osei Boateng reports.

For those known contemptuously as ?conspiracy theorists?, Michela Wrong?s book, In The Footsteps of Mr Kurtz - Living On the Brink of Disaster In The Congo, published recently by Fourth Estate, is a godsend.





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