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Date: Fri, 06 Apr 2001 04:11:19 -0400
Subject: BHA: Intransitive dimension (social facts) & correcting hermeneutics 


Is infinite regress avoidable? This article will be cynical in some instance, in order to generate knowledge about itself.

Let us put it this way;  that good number of children, the youth in most European states and US of America today join universities knowing almost nothing or have no practical and less theoretical knowledge. Or bluntly put have no informal knowledge with muted formal knowledge. 

 Sociologically and through CR it will be generating a certain class of human species. I will not go into that.

Now, on another plane i.e. economics, it will be most certain, the question in itself, to be meaningful, has to be mindful of the enormous state of the economy and of course  political dimensions. We can put it this way, in main stream language , that many municipalities instead of spending on ?our? children they do save therefore , and as such children can not get good education (either informal or formal). This is he usual so called common sense explanation fertilised with scientific meaning. 
The two paragraphs above have deeper implication on society as a whole, than mere attainment of good education and good children or society.

With some form of empirical extension, it can further be ascertained, inflation (political language) was a little bit high, and created unemployment therefore children could not concentrate on their books, as their parents were under some sort of budgetary pressure. That is to say mummies and daddies had not enough MONEY to spend - or spendthrift was low which of course affects everything else. 

In essence if children killed children- the very fact of the matter, is not that children have no some form of informal education but rather,  because of a poor political and economic state of affairs, has created a bad children culture. 

We can go on picking out some few statements of what is called scientific explanation until we discover that those statements are purely unscientific and at worst lack scientific substance if they are reflected back to the nature of human state of affairs - social ontology.

In general, since time immemorial (a metaphor) it is quite understood- poverty leads to social misery therefore good politics, further economic growth and hence good social well being excrete both good children and society.

What is poverty one might wish to ask? Is poverty in a form of informal and formal knowledge or simply as scientifically defined in economics science? Now if I extend my logical statements a little bit, nothing can happen to have a good society without meeting all the above economic pre-conditions.

It was simply an example trying to be interpretative of what is written in scientific books.

Further on law:  

When children/youth are in crisis- there is a slight looseness in law enforcement too. In this respect, LAW is an aspect of social control where legal rules are effected to exact good social relationships, i.e. children /youth and the people around.

 Modern law is legislated with a wealthy of scientific properties as a back up. 

In regard to the above problem children as my example, one is exposed to the limits of existing philosophies of science. Notice that rules in this respect are not informal but rather formal- i.e. (not) pseudo-scientific. Hence, no good economy no good informal rules therefore no good informal education and its offspring - formal education.  

Think of Dailama and his troupe

When I reverse or invert that order and argue customs are rules followed with sanctions inculcated,  rules therefore can be sustained without the existence of rules of law.  

In de-polluting language structures of economics, I make hermeneutics a bit more meaningful. 

Above, I have so far touched political economy, education and children development. On the geographical plane, its important to look at the environment, i.e., high rise buildings in form of profit maximisation, as per space and carrying capacity. Once again collapsing social meaning to economics and politics.

Four planner social cube as developed in Plato etc, is well spread to the extent that meaning on a structural level will be referenced to the bio-sphere plane and so on. In this sense there is internal referencing to signs and social ontology as an enriched language material. 

Think about doing science.






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