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Date: Tue, 10 Apr 2001 19:18:04 +0300
Subject: BHA: Saturday, Israelis & Palestinians converge on Bethlehem roadblock

GUSH SHALOM - pob 3322, Tel-Aviv 61033 -

For Hebrew: 
========================================================Saturday, Israelis and Palestinians converge on the Bethlehem roadblock
This Saturday, April 14, Israelis and Palestinians will each march towards the  
Bethlehem roadblock ("Gilo") and hold a meeting there.

The Palestians march is organized by the organization Rapprochement in Beit-
Sahour. The marchers will meet at 4.00 PM near Hotel Paradise in Bethlehem and 
from there walk to the roadblock with the intention of passing it without 
violence and march on to Jerusalem. 

At the roadblock they will be awaited by Israelis coming from the other 
direction. The Israelis will meet at 4.00 PM at the gate of the Mar Elias 
Monastry, at a distance of a few hundred metres of the roadblock. We will walk 
to the roadblock to express solidarity with the Palestinian peace seekers. 

On the Israeli side the action is sponsored by Gush Shalom (Israeli peace 
Bloc), by the Coalition of Women for Peace and Justice, and by the Committee 
Against House Demolitions.

Transportation from Tel-Aviv at 2.30 PM from Arlosorov Railway Station (next to 
the El-Al Terminal). 
Participants who need a place in the Tel-Aviv bus are requested to leave a 
message on the  Gush Shalom answering machine (03-5221732). 
NB: Do it until Friday noon, and leave your phone number!

Participants from Jerusalem will meet at 3.45 PM and go by cars from Gan 

Fore more information: 
Gush Shalom office (Rachel): 055-371732 (also accessible during the action)
Adam Keller, spokesperson Gush Shalom: 03-5565804 / 052-930384
Gila Svirsky, for the Women's Coalition - 053-334986
Jeff Halper, Committee Against Demolitions: 050-651425                    

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