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Date: Mon, 18 Jun 2001 17:34:26 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Re: BHA: reply to Mark

Hi Mark,

Thanks for your nice compliment.  The sad truth, though, is that I don't
think that I'm the best person to respond to the ideas that you've set out.
I haven't thought as much about the issues that you're raising as about
other things, or made use of the same categories, really.  Sorry to be such
a dud of an interlocutor!     

Are there others who could comment?

Mark wrote:
>For instance, I do not think that a society has an "essence." However, I
would >consider the dialectic to be a transcendent reality which enables the
existence >of a sui generis social consciousness and ideology. This
emergence, IMO, occurs >through the social constructions of actors
functioning within a certain >historical framework.
>Is that incompatible with Bhaskar?


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