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Date: Sat, 23 Jun 2001 16:47:59 +1000
Subject: Re: BHA: We've made it!

At 11:59  22/06/01 +0100, you wrote:
>BBC TV2 Newsnight, London, Friday 22 2001. Thirteen Vermeers have come
>to town (National Gallery). Tom Paulin does a rave about them around the
>theme of their "ontological depth". The presenter looks utterly bemused.
>Undeterred, Tom expatiates on the theme - '*such* ontological depth',
>and everyone nods knowingly.
>Mind you, that they do have.
>Mervyn Hartwig


It is an interesting question to ask how and in what way they have 
ontological depth. BTW have you read the recent Berger on Van Gogh's 
drawings.  He is over 70 now, Berger, and he still writes like an 
angel.  My heart hurt with envy.

Take care and BTW who is going to Denmark?  It looks like the ******* at my 
uni will be finding my trip. So will we fellow listers meet in Copenhagen?



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