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Date: Sun, 16 Sep 2001 14:17:22 -0500
Subject: Re: BHA: Stop the rush to war

Erik Weissengruber wrote:
> >
> >The reaction to the terror action against USA has been totally out of
> >proportion.
> I think the murder of thousands of innocent people justifies the
> reaction we have seen so far

You mean all the tears shed in this country when Sharon killed all those
thousands of people in Lebanon? You mean the tears shed and the
headlines and the ranting and railing in the u.s. press & TV about the
500,000+ children that the u.s. has slaughtered in Iraq.

You mean the vast slaughter for no military purpose involved in the
bombing of Dresden?

I suggest you read _Killing Hope_ by William Blum. Terrorism is bad
politics on the part of the left -- but the three living terrorists who
have slaughtered most widely are Kissinger, Clinton, & Sharon. Carter's
national security adviser, I forget his name, should probably also be
listed. Carter in effect triggered the murder of Bishop Romero.

I can understand the motives of the Press and TV Lords and the
politicians in D.C., but that people on these lists should post with
such historical ignorance and contempt for human life is pathetic.


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