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Date: Mon, 17 Sep 2001 12:56:37 +0100
Subject: Re: BHA: The U.S. Government's  rush from war to war

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I would like to introduce a few words from Chomsky's 'The 
Culture of Terrorism'.  Writin about events in USA/LAtin 
America around 1986, he said:
the United States
remains dedicated to the rule of force, that political elites 
agree and
indeed insist that it must remain so, and that, furthermore, 
commitment to violence and lawlessness frames their self-image 
as well,
barely concealed beneath deceptive rhetoric. These conclusions 
readily be drawn from the actual record, if we face it honestly
without illusion. They have serious implications for the 
future, just as the
same conclusions in earlier days, no less readily established, 
no less
regularly suppressed, have had profound consequences in the 
With regard to Central America, the scandals disrupted a tacit 
consensus, troubled by some tactical disagreements over 
shared goals. They imposed new demands for the ideological 
which must control the domestic damage and ensure that it is 
within narrow and politically meaningless bounds while 
dedicating itself
anew to the major and continuing task: to fashion an 
appropriate version
of the real scandals of the 1980s so as to place U.S. actions 
in a
favorable light and thus to ensure that similar policies can 
without serious impediment when they are considered necessary.

Wendy Olsen
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