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Date: Mon, 01 Oct 2001 04:30:18 -0400
Subject: BHA: philosophical /sociology time scale

Dear Listers

I am trying to understand or grasp (writing about) what can be termed as A SOCIOLOGICAL /(philosophical) TIME SCALE.  In fact there is a biological time scale as well as physical time scale, there is also a cosmological (not sure).

My contention here is how to understand what a sociological(philosophical) time scale is. How i can define it.  Note that some of you have never lived or been touched with village life style as i have experience it in Africa - therefore your sociological/ philosphical/biological  time scale might be different from mine - i.e. urban time scale which might be measured along the environmental , medical and economic variables and so on.

Listers , help me to understand this problem which has been worring in
the past recent  with an reference if there is any. Natural as well humanistic reference will do.

thanks in advance


n.b sorry for the bad english - i am trying.





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