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Date: Sun, 14 Oct 2001 15:46:22 +0100
Subject: Re: BHA: Terrorism and poverty (fwd) Stiglitz

Hi Howard,

i don't know where Viren got his numbers from, but the UN
reports annually about these matters, below some figures of
1999, but their webside must be updated for 2000


United Nations, Human Development Report 1999:

"Around 1.5 billion people* are not expected to survive to age 60.
More than 880 million people lack access to health services, and
2.6 billion access to basic sanitation. In 1997 more than 850 million
adults were illiterate. In industrial countries more than 100 million
people were functionally illiterate. More than 260 million children
are out of school at the primary and secondary levels. About 840
million people are malnourished. The overall consumption of the
richest fifth of the world's people is 16 times that of the poorest
fifth. Nearly 1.3 billion people live on less than a dollar a day,
and close to 1 billion cannot meet their basic consumption
requirements. The share in global income of the richest fifth of
the world's people is 74 times that of the poorest fifth. Nearly
340 million women are not expected to survive to age 40. A
quarter to a half of all women have suffered physical abuse by
an intimate partner. Nearly 160 million children are malnourished.
More than 250 million children are working as child labourers.
Every year nearly 3 million people die from air pollution, more
than 80% of them from indoor air pollution, and more than 5
million die from diarrhoeal diseases caused by water contamination.
At the end of 1997 there were nearly 12 million refugees."

[* total world population 6+ billion -jan]

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