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Date: Sat, 20 Oct 2001 07:08:22 +1000
Subject: BHA: query on quantum theory etc

For my work on current work on coincidence in the new documentary a 
colleague has suggested that I look at quantum theory (Lord I am not 
worthy) and even worse chaos theory.

I recall some posts (which list??) a while back on a quantum theorist who 
was a socialist and a friend of Einstein's.  From my vague understanding of 
what it was all about he seemed to believe that there was some order 
underneath all the uncertainty.  Does anyone recall his name and could 
someone repost to me if they have the posts I mentioned.

An idiot's guide to chaos theory would also be much welcomed.

My own preliminary thoughts are that in debating the relationship between 
chance and coincidence we are rehashing the old problem of the one and the 

All help gratefully unacknowledged!



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