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Date: Sat, 20 Oct 2001 09:38:16 -0500
Subject: Re: BHA: query on quantum theory etc


Although I do not know whether he was a socialist, the name might be 
Bohm, who wrote a book called something like the Implicate Order.  At 
any rate, he did believe there was order underneath.


>For my work on current work on coincidence in the new documentary a 
>colleague has suggested that I look at quantum theory (Lord I am not 
>worthy) and even worse chaos theory.
>I recall some posts (which list??) a while back on a quantum 
>theorist who was a socialist and a friend of Einstein's.  From my 
>vague understanding of what it was all about he seemed to believe 
>that there was some order underneath all the uncertainty.  Does 
>anyone recall his name and could someone repost to me if they have 
>the posts I mentioned.
>An idiot's guide to chaos theory would also be much welcomed.
>My own preliminary thoughts are that in debating the relationship 
>between chance and coincidence we are rehashing the old problem of 
>the one and the many.
>All help gratefully unacknowledged!
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doug porpora
dept of culture and communication
drexel university
phila pa 19104

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